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The Role of RCEM

The Role of the RCEM 

The idea to establish an Asia-Pacific Regional Civil Society Engagement  Mechanism (AP- RCEM) derives from  engagement experiences in processes leading up  to  the  2012 Rio+20 conference on sustainable development. A group of Asia-Pacific regional CSOs, who  had  been  cooperating in  this  context,  got  together  to  share  good  and  bad experiences from their engagement in the processes leading up to the global conference.

The  wish  to  have  a  better  and  more  effective way  of  engaging ‘upwards’  with governments and international organizations as well as ‘downwards’  with national and subnational  civil society and grassroots movements turned into a process of learning-by- doing and experimenting with more systematic engagement. Today, the AP-RCEM fully exists and has drawn considerable attention from the global level and from other regions, where CSOs equally aspire to improve their engagement. This is especially important in the  light of  the  upcoming  post  2015 development  agenda and  the  forthcoming sustainable development goals, which can  only  be  implemented with full  and  fair participation from society at large, including the AP-RCEM.